This Disney Princes Remake Fuses the Girls with the Avengers

Disney princess remakes are taking over the whole Internet and the latest iteration is a mash-up that sees everyone’s favorite group of princesses combined with Marvel’s heroes of the minute, the Avengers. Deviantartist ThinkingMakesItSo created these masterful works and even has a little fun with one of the members.

People are tired of seeing the Disney princesses as helpless females waiting for a prince charming, so the public has taken it upon itself to toughen them up some. In this photo series, we see Pocahontas take up the mantle of leader, playing Captain America, Jasmine acting as the mercurial Iron Man and the other princesses taking up the other roles.

The images are amazingly detailed and well done, with vibrant colors and intricate details. ThinkingMakesItSo even used Jasmine’s father as Black Widow to show that the series isn’t all serious.