Nastya Ptichek Reimagines Paintings with Social Networking

Ukraine-based artist Nastya Ptichek puts her creative mind to a unique platform, launching her social network integrated paintings.

The Emoji Nation series integrates classical paintings with today's thriving social networking features, namely tweets, Facebook status updates, Instagram notifications and the world famous Emojis. Nastya stated, "[The project started when] I realized that standard iOS emojis strongly resemble some well-known paintings of famous artists," Ptichek says. "I [didn't call the first set] ‘Emoji-Nation Part One’ just in case I was too lazy to continue the project with emojis and paintings."

The captivating project that links the past with modern day social networking is is a full concept of correlation between computer technologies and classic art. This opens up an entire new world to some of the world's most renowned artworks, adding a relatable feel in a genuinely effective way.