- Aug 24, 2015
People seem to have a fascination with recreated works of art, from the amazingly inventive to the truly bizarre. Some of these recreated works of art are made from totally unexpected materials, like portraits done in toothpaste (with frames made out of toothbrushes) or iconic masterpieces replicated in colored masking tape.

Some are hilariously re-imagined, like classical paintings with superimposed rap lyrics or Mr. Bean's face photoshopped onto them. Quite a few juxtapose the modern with the classical to comedic or thought-provoking effect. For instance, masterpieces are remade with added emojis and visitors to famous museums hold phones up to make classical portraits look like they're taking selfies.

Often, recreated works of art are incorporated into advertising campaigns with great impact. For example, in a brilliant Samsung ad, Vincent Van Gogh takes a picture of himself and one of his iconic self-portraits appears in the viewfinder of his camera with the slogan "For self-portraits. Not selfies."

Whatever the origin of society's obsession with recreated works of art, the ongoing fascination creates a huge source of bizarre, imaginative and beautiful creations.

From Classical Egg Shell Art to Digital Emoji Mosaics: