The Van Gogh Bicycle Path by Daan Roosegaarde Lights the Way

 - Nov 15, 2013
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The Van Gogh Bicycle Path is yet another permanent solution to encouraging people to partake in this type of transportation over other less environmentally friendly and more congested options. Unlike the Copenhagenize Flow, which was recently designed by Mikael Colville-Anderson, this alternative is much more artistic. As its name suggests, it is inspired by a famous painting: Starry Night.

Designed by Daan Roosegaarde, the Van Gogh Bicycle Path is made up of the same glowing paint as used in his previous Smart Highway project. The thousands of stones making up the path absorb sunlight during the day and then glow with a fluorescent light during the night.
The 600-metre bicycle path will be located in the Eindhoven region.