- Jan 15, 2013
Though the public may have to wait a few more days until we get a full-length viewing, the highlights from the Lance Armstrong Oprah interview have been released, which gives some insight as to what really went on behind the scenes during his lengthy cycling career.

The cyclist, who was once considered the greatest in his field, may have a lot of controversy surrounding him, but his extensive career was nevertheless an impressive feat. To commemorate his years of dedication to the realm of cycling, this list provides some of the most intriguing cycling inventions out as of late. From life-saving bicycle lights to bike add-ons, there is a plethora of new and intriguing objects that any bike enthusiast would enjoy.

Though it is still to be determined whether the Lance Armstrong Oprah interview will give him the public boost he needs to save his reputation, these bike innovations are a definite certainty that won't disappoint.

The Lance Armstrong Oprah Interview Features His Love for Cycling: