Sang Min Yu's Handlebar Bike Lock Immobilizes and Protects Your Two-Wheeler

 - Jul 27, 2011
References: yankodesign
I will bet dollars to donuts that bike thefts would decrease dramatically if Sang Min Yu's conceptual handle bar bike lock were built into every bicycle. The creatively named Bike Lock is designed to both immobilize your bike and safely lock it up, using the entire length of the bike's handlebars as a lock.

Anyone who has ever lived in a city that is well trafficked with bicyclers has seen the numerous tricks that cyclists used to make their bikes less attractive targets to thieves. Removing the seat or the front wheel of a bike are two great techniques that make bikes harder to steal, but I much prefer Yu's design. Using the handlebars as a lock makes the bike unable to be ridden and saves you the trouble of having to lug around a heavy bike lock. Looks like cycling just got safer.