- May 19, 2016
Having your bike stolen is a problem that causes stress for a lot of cyclists, which is what makes these locks and alarms that prevent bike thefts so important. As potential thieves become more savvy than ever, so do the locks and alarms that prevent them from taking one's eco-friendly ride.

Considering cycling is popular among urban commuters, having locks that are small and quick to use are of high importance to prevent bike thefts -- an idea that is utilized with the Everykey, a bracelet-sized Bluetooth lock that is made with military-grade encryption.

The Acousto Optical Lock features an alarm that helps users find their bike in a busy area, such as overcrowded mall bike stations. Meanwhile the Cricket connects to an app to help users track down their stolen bike, the tracker relies on other app users within range to help track its location.

These Locks and Alarms Prevent Bike Thefts: