The Ulock Can Be Locked and Unlocked Using Your Smartphone

 - Dec 12, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Ulock is a handy wireless bicycle lock, developed by a team of Italian designers, that can be locked and unlocked via your smartphone courtesy its embedded Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter. It comes with a special proximity mode wherein it automatically locks up when the user and their phone are more than 3 meters away, and unlocks when users appear back in range.

Users also have the option of locking and unlocking their Ulock by tapping an on-screen button. If for some reason they're unable to access their screen, they can also unlock the Ulock by knocking on their phone, activating its accelerometer.

The Ulock's companion app also shows users where their lock is located on a city map so they can find their bike easily in crowded areas.