The Pedal Lock Embeds Your Bicycle Lock Into Your Pedals

 - Oct 2, 2015
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The Pedal Lock is a highly innovative and extremely convenient contraption that essentially embeds your bike lock right into your pedals.

As any avid cyclist knows, it's quite a hassle and a pain in the rear to haul around a bike lock with you everywhere you go, especially if your lock is a U-lock which makes it rather heavy. There are locks out there that double up as seatposts, saddles, handlebars and water bottle cages, but the Pedal Lock is unique in that the lock is part of the pedals.

The Pedal Lock system comprises a pair of water-resistant pedals that both weigh the same and are the same size. One of the pedals is equipped with a retractable galvanized steel cable, a combination lock, an accelerometer and a 120-decibel alarm, in other words everything you need to keep your bike secure.