The Giant 'Real Riders' Sponsorships Celebrates Regular Folk

 - Jul 15, 2011
References: youtube
Forget the Tour de France this year because the Giant 'Real Riders' Sponsorship is here. Giant is one of the world's largest bike manufacturers and in the past they have been one of the leading teams at the Tour de France. Instead this year, they are opting to sponsor the regular folk who just enjoy riding their bikes. Giant feels that they contribute the most to the sport of cycling and should be celebrated.

They are calling these 'Real Riders' sponsorships and there are 30 of them up for grabs. These sponsorships are available to anyone in Australia of any age or ability. The chosen "real riders" will then become the new face of the Giant brand.

The Giant 'Real Riders' campaign will air July 8th during the same time period as the Tour de France.