The Protector Portable Inflator Provides Assistance with a Flat

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: tuvie
If you get a flat tire while cycling along the highway after dark, the lack of air in your inner tube won't necessarily be your biggest concern. The Protector Portable Inflator affords you the means to deal with this troublesome setback, but it offers aid which most riders are often without.

The sleek design of this device makes it difficult to decipher at first, but its swiveling tip and fold-out tripod base begin to reveal its functions. Jurmol Yao designed this to operate as an extraordinarily efficient bicycle pump, even storing the kinetic energy produced while you're manually inflating your wheels. This power is converted into electricity to illuminate an LED light. The Protector Portable Inflator can thus become a tail light and a street warning light as well, so to enhance your personal safety.