Britek Tire and Rubber Reinvent the Tire as We Know it

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: gizmag & psfk
The Energy Return Wheel (ERW) created by Britek Tire and Rubber is an airless bike tire. Yes, you read it right -- it is airless! Never believing that there could be a way to reinvent the tire, the geniuses behind this invention have made the tire out of an internal rubber layer, which is stretched and held in place by adjustable rods.

The clever design does not only prevent flat tires from ever happening again, but is also reported to make cycling safer and more efficient. Just like the regular tire, there will be a rubber tread on the outside and it will additionally include elastic cushions in the space between.

As the ERW tire solves many obstacles regularly facing cyclists, this is a truly clever and ingenious invention that my forever change the tire as we know it.