- Jul 5, 2013
If you’re looking for creative ways to revamp or transform your bike into something new, then these DIY bicycle projects will offer you some great tips on how you can reuse your out-of-date two-wheelers.

When your bicycle breaks or simply doesn’t function as it used to, the normal response by riders would be to throw it away and replace it with a newer model. These DIY bicycle projects are offering riders some clever ideas on how to turn these bikes into other useful items. From old handlebars creatively turned into indoor bike racks to bikes modified into drum sets and shelves, these DIY projects will help turn an ordinary outdoor vehicle into something you can utilize inside as well.

Perfect for those who can’t stand throwing things away, these DIY bicycle projects will definitely create some visually unique items for your home.

From Handy Handlebar Shelves to Water Bottle Cycles: