The Breathing Bike by Matt Hope Provides Clean Air in Beijing

 - Feb 2, 2013
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As the air quality in China becomes steadily and significantly worse--people have been encouraged to where air-filtering masks whenever they can--creations like the Breathing Bike are far and few in between. The Breathing Bike is an affordable and efficient hack that could make a huge difference if all the cyclists in Beijing adopted them.

Created by artist Matt Hope, the Breathing Bike is not only a practical way to avoid the rising pollution in such urban areas, it shows that with enough creativity, people can possibly right a very bad wrong. Essentially, his run-of-the-mill bike has been outfitted with a homemade 5,000v air filter. Hooked up a wheel-powered generator, filtered air circulates through a hose that's hooked up to a fighter pilot mask. This provides enough fresh air to get from point A to point B.