- Jul 17, 2014
With the end of Tour de France 2014 fast approaching, this list of innovative bicycle designs is sure to encourage everyday athletes to get involved in the cycling sport.

From collapsible two-wheelers to motorcycle biking hybrids, these forward-thinking and practical designs are sure to appeal to experienced cyclists and newbies with an interest in the fast-paced sport.

Standouts from this list include designer Gianluca Sada's foldable bicycle designs that resembles a traditional umbrella. Blowing the minds of inventors and athletes, the piece resembles a gadget that is straight out of a James Bond film. Another innovative bicycle example from the list comes to us from House of Gold who presents consumers with an opulent and gilded design that is surprisingly made for rugged and extreme cycling conditions.

From Bamboo Bike Designs to Collapsible Umbrella Two-Wheelers: