The IzzyBike Does Not Rely as Heavily on the Steering System

 - Jun 12, 2014
References: & ohgizmo
Bicycles are slowly evolving as modern societies are embracing a more eco-friendly mode of transportation to ease gridlocks and pollution in cities; case in point, the IzzyBike. The IzzyBike is a chainless and foldable alternative to the traditional bicycle. While the latter offers obvious benefits, it is the former that really changes the way people interact with their bikes.

The IzzyBike "eliminates the influence on the steering system of the changeable moments of the forces which occur while pedaling. It enables easier maintaining of balance and riding directions even hands-free," according to the creators. By doing so, the ride is smoother and adaptable. As for its compactable form, the IzzyBike can be conveniently stored not only in small homes but also offices.