The NOAH Bike Has a Unique Shock-Absorbing Suspension System

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: cofa-eng & gizmag
The NOAH Bike is a bicycle that features a unique bicycle suspension setup dubbed the NOAH (normally Operated Articulated Hybrid) system. It is the invention of UK-based COFA Engineering.

The NOAH bike has a full-suspension system that uses two midship-mounted rear shocks instead of the regular rear shock and front suspension fork setup. Two A-shaped arms run from the telescopic fork to one of the rear shocks, allowing the bicycle to soak up hits taken by front wheel.

The bike’s fork legs are supported closer to its wheel, allowing for less flexing. This setup allows for a lighter fork that doesn’t need to be fitted with springs or other shock-absorbing hardware.

The NOAH bike will be produced in very limited numbers, as its developers recognize that its one-of-a-kind design, despite its advantages, won’t be to everybody’s taste.