The Flexi-Bike Uses an Adjustable Frame to Make Cycling Easier

 - Apr 25, 2014
References: sparkonit & tuvie
The Flexi-Bike is a one of a kind bike with a very special ability. The bike comes with a flexible, rotating frame that lets cyclists adjust their frame whenever they need to. The bike adds some dimension to cycling, as it allows riders to get a different posture as they ride.

Cycling can be fun, but long distance riding can get tedious if you sit in the same position. This bike allows riders to switch it up as they go and get a different kind of feel out of their bicycle on long rides. The bike adjusts by the circular rotating frame and can be done as the cyclist rides.

Outside of the adjustable aspect, there is also an LED display that tells users about calories burned, distance travelled and many other essential pieces of information for pro cyclists.