Boo Bicycles Makes Handmade Bikes Combining Bamboo and Other Materials

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: aluboobikes & gearpatrol
These handmade bikes from Boo Bicycles are made out of carbon-bamboo and aluminium-bamboo frames. Every frame is handmade and the use of bamboo in the frame makes these bikes standout. The bamboo isn’t just for looks, bamboo is actually stiffer than aluminum and absorbs shock four times better than carbon fiber.

The Alubooyah Fat Bike is a model made to crush everything in your path. It’s a monster truck of bikes and meant to take you where few bikes can. It takes the best design and engineering elements from other fat bikes on the market and then injects the benefits of bamboo. These bikes can use a massive 4.8-inch tire and 82 mm rims. Even the forks are crafted to match your bike; they’re super lightweight and stiff for pushing through rough terrain.