The Toyota Hybrid Electric Bike is Clean of Any Mechanical Bulk

 - Mar 6, 2013
References: yankodesign
Looking at the Toyota Hybrid Electric Bike, you might not immediately guess that it's a power-assisted machine. The frame of the two-wheeler is clean and slender and lacking the usual heavy appearance of contemporary electric bicycles.

In his concept, Francisco Ulla aimed to tuck all of the hi-tech parts into places where they would go visually unnoticed: the compact battery pack is long and narrow and fits nicely between the sandwiched panels of the top tube; the transmission is located neatly about the chain; the throttle is discretely integrated into the handlebar grip; and the dial-shaped electric engine has been placed adjacent to the front gears at the pivot point of the pedals.

A lightweight assembly of bioplastic and aluminum makes the Toyota Hybrid Electric Bike the ideal durable commuter that embraces eco-friendly design.