Persistence of Vision Displays for Rave-Worthy Mobile Light Shows

 - Jan 8, 2009
References: & blog.wired
You may have seen pre-made programmable bike blades that can be attached to your bicycle wheels to make bright light patterns, but when some people at San Francisco’s Maker Faire got into the act with their persistence of vision displays, DIY knowledge was set loose!

Electrical engineer Limor Fried, who goes by the screen name, "Ladyada," put together kits and downloadable instructions so everyone can light their bikes. If you don’t need the kit, you can get free schematics, firmware and software from the Ladyada site. This is the same technology that some Obama supporters used to brighten up their bike wheel spokes during the presidential campaign.

I’m not sure how the lights would hold up on single track, but I have a soldering iron so maybe I’ll make some and find out.