From DIY Cardboard Cutout Lamps to Bear-Shaped Night Lights

 - Aug 27, 2013
Purchasing pieces of decor for your home can end up being quite the expensive task, but if you're looking for alternative ways to brighten up your interior space, then these DIY lighting solutions will offer you some great cost-effective tips.

Lamps and sources of illumination are essential to seeing what you're doing and where you're going in the dark, and these DIY solutions are offering up some creative ways to customize these lights to your personal tastes. Why choose to decorate your home with ordinary and average furnishings when you can uniquely create a lamp or lighting solution that reflects your taste in such things as video games or movies?

From animal lampshade kits that allow you to make lights that resemble cute felines to floral lighting that beautifully resembles red roses, these DIY lighting solutions will definitely have your home feeling like a one-of-a-kind space with these unique pieces of illumination.