This DIY Lamp is Made From an Adorable Honey Bear Bottle

 - Feb 9, 2013
References: thepinkdoormat.blogspot
Night lights are a sensible option for parents looking to provide some sort of light and comfort for their children, and these DIY bear shaped night lights are not only adorable, but their also inexpensive and easy-to-make.

While you can easily purchase a lamp shade or night light at your local mall, they often are overpriced and unattractive. This bear-shaped night light however, can be made right from the comfort of your own home with just a few simple items. What you need is an empty honey bear bottle, spray paint, a lightbulb and its cord. Cut the bottom of the bottle off, spray the whole thing with white paint and simply insert the bulb underneath.

Featured on the blog 'The Pink Doormat,' this lovely honey bear night light is perfectly suited for young children who need that bit of illumination to put them to sleep at night.