The Fjordcarver Chameleon Lamp Lets You Customize Your Pad

 - Nov 29, 2011
References: instructables & instructables
Have you ever been stressed about finding the right color scheme for your pad? Well, worry no more. Thanks to Instructables do-it-yourself guru fjordcarver, you can build yourself a chameleon lamp that changes colors to perfectly match your decor.

The Chameleon Lamp uses sensors to detect the color under it and immediately changes itself to create a perfect match. You can even place it on an electronic tablet and the lamp will gain an added strobe effect.

All it takes is a few inexpensive materials that you can get at your local hardware or dollar store and a bit of time, and you too can have your very own chameleon lamp. Best of all, it’s completely customizable so you can make it look however you want. You can even add a USB chord to have it powered by your computer or smart phone dock for an added tech edge.