This Silicone Glow-in-the-Dark Light Bulb Needs No Electricity

 - Jun 26, 2013
References: blog.naver
These glow-in-the-dark lamps will exude a subtle sci-fi-esque aura into any room. The best part is that these light bulbs require absolutely no electricity to glow -- though they may look like actual light bulbs, they are just completely solid molds made of silicone infused with phosphorescent solution. The pictorials on South Korean blog Hobby Design will walk you through exactly how to go about making your own electricity-free glowing light.

The blogger first makes a light bulb mold using a regular incandescent light bulb and cement. Afterwards, the bulb is taken out and the empty bulb-shaped mold is filled with liquid silicone mixed with phosphorescent powder. The concrete mold is removed after the mixture is completely dry, revealing a rubbery glow-in-the-dark structure in the shape of a light bulb. The creator fixed the product into a circuit socket, just for show -- this bulb will not require plugging into an outlet.