Lighting From Liberated Kitchen Gadgets

 - Jan 4, 2009
References: madeleineboulesteix
At a glance, you might not notice that while these chandeliers are embellished with faceted glass and other baubles, they are made from everyday found objects like baking tins, cutlery and tea cups. UK artist Madeline Boulesteix sees a pile of kitchen junk in much the same way a sculptor sees an uncut block of marble--the form is already there, it just needs to be revealed.

Recycling objects comes naturally to most baby boomers. They are the children of Depression-era parents who practiced thrift during their child-rearing years. Boulesteix has expanded that basis of knowledge by incorporating punk junk influences and current-day ecological concerns into her work.

These chandeliers look like so much fun they make me want to try my hand at crafting some myself. I have a lot of kitchen utensils longing to be free...