From Macho Baked Treats to Macho-Man Rings

 - Sep 27, 2011
For some men, to release their inner macho man is as simple as growing a mustache, but for other it takes a little more effort and some long hours pumping iron. In order to make this manly transformation easier, here is a list of macho products that make facial hair and muscle grow faster than grass in spring.

The role of men is certainly changing in some societies, as strict gender stereotypes are slowly being reevaluated. However, there is no reason for men to lose their masculinity or feel less proud of their macho man Sunday activities; in fact, more than ever before men are sporting their well-trimmed moustaches. The correlation between moustaches and manliness is what helped charity campaigns like Movember be so successful.

There are plenty of macho man products nowadays that will fulfill a man’s need to prove his masculinity without looking like an old-fashion chauvinist. From hilarious lists on how to be a macho to macho green grocery totes, this macho man merchandise is packed with virility and testosterone.