Trader Joe's Ron Swanson Special Lets Bacons Lovers Indulge

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: reddit & buzzfeed
Ron Swanson's contribution to the world of television is already immense, but with Trader Joe’s Ron Swanson Special, he's now getting you awesome bacon discounts at local grocery stores.

Trader Joe’s Ron Swanson Special references a famous line from Parks and Recreation in which Ron requests a diner worker to "Just give [him] all the bacon and eggs [they] have." At prices this low, there's literally no excuse not to since they can always afford to buy some more.

Where in real life will Ron Swanson turn up next?

Implications - Corporations are now utilizing pop culture references to entice consumers into buying products that they would have otherwise never considered buying. Corporations looking to attract consumers based solely on crossover appeal may consider the use of pop culture allusions in their wares.