The Esquire's Eat Like a Man Cookbook is Full of Testosterone

 - May 18, 2011
References: fancy & theworldsbestever
Most men seem to always be hungry, and sometimes they need a manly dose of cooking to really beef them up. With the Esquire's Eat Like a Man Cookbook, all those masculine men can fill up on as much steak as their stomachs desire.

The cookbook does contain more than just meat recipes, however, but if you are looking for a carnivore dish there are plenty to choose from. Moreover, judging from the pictures, it looks like you can load a ton of meat on your sandwich just so long as it fits on the page of the cookbook. Steaks are also a tasty-looking item if you require some delicious recipes for a manly barbecue. With the Esquire's Eat Like a Man Cookbook, cooking in your kitchen will be the best "sausage party" you've ever had.