- Jan 28, 2014
These manly treats will definitely have rugged male consumers craving a bite of these humorously macho recipes.

While baking cookies and cupcakes is often thought of as a mainly female-oriented activity, these manly treats are showcasing that men too can enjoy the delights of eating sugary confections. Diverting from the common dessert themes, these manly treats offer men the chance to enjoy scrumptious treats that feature such references to sports, handy man activities and even facial hair. Perfect for those who are reluctant to enter the baking world, these manly treats for him offer some imaginative examples of how you can easily infuse masculine qualities into ordinary desserts.

From bacon-accented floats to mustache-branded chocolate bars, these manly treats for him will surely satisfy any macho man looking for something to eat.

From Sporty Super Bowl Cakes to Meaty Booze-Infused Desserts: