The Bacon and Beer Cupcake Recipe is a Tempting Treat

 - Jun 17, 2012
This bacon and beer cupcake recipe is perfect for any meat enthusiast. Perhaps the most manly cupcake in existence, this takes two unlikely ingredients to make a decidedly bizarre baked good.

Perhaps best suited to the morning, this dessert is much more filling than most of its kind. Requiring more preparation than others, however, this is a bit more complicated than the average cupcake recipe. The bacon is candied and must be baked in a particular way in order to work with the other ingredients. Once completed, the bacon is used as a garnish while the beer is simply integrated into the cake batter.

Mixing two vices into one sugary delight, this creation is a match made in heaven. Sure to please any bacon and beer lover, these are truly unique treat perfect for Father's Day.