The Yosemite Sam Cupcake is One Masculine Dessert

The Canadian bakery C & C Cakery recently launch the Manliest Cupcake contest in honor of Movember, to which Lena from the delicious food blog Frosted Bakery responded with these Yosemite Sam Cupcakes. Lena paid tribute to the fiery Looney Toons character by crafting Brown Sugar and Beef Jerky cupcakes topped with a BBQ Cream Cheese frosting; if that isn't man-pleasing, I don't know what is.

Frosted Bakery completed the macho cakes with some fine fondant work and capped the whole project off with Sam's violently orange iconic stash and bushy eyebrows. Although the petite cakes lack the facial features of the legendary cartoon character, with just one look at this facial hair statement and you'll be left with no doubt in your mind of who this cupcake is referencing.

Sure to capture the heart of manly men everywhere, these Yosemite Sam Cupcakes may have just enough masculinity to be crowned the Manliest Cupcakes around.