From Cranberry Brie Sandwiches to Cheesy Blueberry Pizzas

 - Mar 17, 2015
These savory berry recipes range from cranberry brie sandwiches to cheesy blueberry pizzas that blend together sweet and salty ingredients. In addition to being known as a popular antioxidant, berries are a great way to put a fresh twist on classic recipes like pizza, bruschetta and even salsa.

Standouts from this list include Fetette Blog's turkey cran cupcakes that compress a Thanksgiving family meal into a bite-sized treat along with upscale grilled cheese sandwiches that are made using a blend of strawberries, avocado and brie rather than traditional cheddar.

Other favorites from this list of savory berry recipes include zasty strawberry salads that celebrate July 4th and cranberry sauce pizza that is free from classic marinera or pesto ingredients.