These Nacho Mama Cupcakes Will Keep Your Lucky Guest Guessing

These Nacho Mama Cupcakes from the drool-worthy blog Sweet Simple Stuff are a veritable man-pleaser. These deceptively sweet cakes do a fantastic impression of a gooey plate of nachos. While they look like they pack a seriously savory punch, all the components of these curious cupcakes are deliciously sugary.

Sweet Simple Stuff started out with chocolate cupcakes as a base for these Nacho Mama Cupcakes. They are given their unique appearance with a hefty dollop of electric orange vanilla buttercream, a smattering of cinnamon sugar baked tortilla chips, a few snippets of sour green candies and a touch of strawberry jam. Once decorated these cakes will look right at home on any pub table.

Wonderfully deceptive and terribly tempting, these Nacho Mama Cupcakes are a welcome addition to any manly poker night.