From DIY Pop Superstar Sandwiches to Spicy Sorbets

 - Jun 24, 2014
This list of recipes infused with spicy sauces is bound to amp up your taste buds and introduce you to foods that you never thought could be spicy. Can you imagine a spicy sorbet or spicy bread? Well if you can't, think again.

Adding spice to sweets creates the perfect pairing because the distinct flavorings balance each other out. The infusion of spicy sauces allows basic foods to provide your palate with a more savory and unique experience.

From your breakfasts to your desserts, you can add a kick of flair -- or flare. Try making the Piquante Pork Onion Rings, which infuse Sriracha Sauce, or the Super Mario Fire Flower Appetizer that comes with a creamy, spicy dip.