The Donut Zinger Contains Everything from Hot Sauce to Marshmallows

 - Jun 16, 2013
References: facebook & lostateminor
The Donut Zinger is an excessively rich candy donut containing everything from chicken to peanut butter. Created by chef Bjorn Shen of Articoke Cafe & Bar, the Donut Zinger is the result of lists of ingredients sent in by customers, challenging Shen to somehow combine them to form a single creation.

This menu item is both savory and sweet, made up of a donut, chicken Sriracha hot sauce, marshmallows and peanut butter. In appearance, the Donut Zinger simply looks like a frosting and a sprinkle-covered mound of pastry on top of a bed of french fries. However, this creation is so much more than that. By combining all these unlikely ingredients, Chef Shen has created a challenging dish for even the hungriest cafe patron. People have begun daring one another to order the Donut Zinger and chow down, transforming it from a fun experiment into a cultural tradition.