From Sugary Breakfast Rolls to Breakfast Biscuit Tacos

 - May 23, 2015
The reinvention of the classic breakfast sandwich is proving to be a satisfying and portable way for people to jump-start their day. While donuts, french toast, cinnamon rolls, scones and waffles are breakfast items that can usually stand alone as part of a sit-down meal, they are being turned into the buns to contain classic ingredients like eggs, spinach, bacon and sausages. Lunch is also being fused with breakfast sandwiches, as seen with savory dishes that take inspiration from grilled cheese and tacos.

These easy options for a grab-and-go breakfast satisfy a desire to experiment with flavors, especially hybrids of familiar ones. One of the most unusual examples of this a recipe from DudeFoods that turns Rice Krispies into the bread used for a chocolate sandwich.