This Cheerios Sandwich Puts the Breakfast Cereal in a New Form

 - Feb 24, 2014
References: seriouseats & neatorama
This Cheerios sandwich is much more appetizing than it sounds. Rather than putting the Cheerios in the sandwich itself, the delicious cereal is actually a part of it.

If you're trying to combine a little bit of lunch with your breakfast or vice-versa, this Cheerios sandwich is the perfect way to do that. The recipe is also very simple and easy to make. Other than the Cheerios in the bread, the rest of it is very straightforward to make.

The bread, which is the most complex part, simply requires one to grate cheese on the bread and when it's melting add the cheerios. When it ferments you'll have Cheerio bread. After that it's recommended that the sandwich feature cheese and ham, but really any ingredients can be used.