From Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites to Boozy Beer Cookies

 - Jun 15, 2015
With every dad's favorite day fast approaching, these Father's Day recipes are perfect for planning a feast that any man would enjoy. From breakfast all the way through to dessert, there are plenty of hearty recipes available for keeping dad satisfied.

Start the day off right with a classic breakfast dish, infused with a little bit of Father's Day flair. For a classy brunch option, there are recipes for boozy beer breads or delicious pork poached eggs. For something a bit more bold, why not serve up some sugary breakfast rolls or even a poutine-inspired plate of waffles.

Dinner is also a great time to surprise dad with some of his other favorite Father's Day recipes. For many dads, this means a dish with enough meat for them to sink their teeth into. With everything from gourmet bulgogi-style grilled steaks to clever steak-stuffed wontons, there is a perfect meat-centric dish for every dad out there.

Of course, there are also plenty of decadent dessert dishes for those dads with a sweet tooth. For a special dessert option, why not treat dad to some toolbox-inspired chocolates, boozy bacon popsicles or even a scoop of donut-flavored ice cream? Regardless of which recipe you use, these delicious dessert dishes are perfect for ending Father's Day on a high note.