Maebells' Steak Recipe Provides a Versatile Base to Make Your Own

 - May 7, 2015
References: maebells
Flank steak, marinade, bell peppers, green beans and white onion are fairly common ingredients found in a wrap, but this recipe created by Annie of the Maebells blog uses them and does away with the bread entirely. By doing so, this turns what would ordinarily make a filling lunch into a decadent dinner meal.

Despite how gourmet the steak dish looks, Maebells' recipe only calls for five simple ingredients. Annie was inspired to create this dish at home after enjoying a similar one at a restaurant made with a filling of spinach, mushroom, bacon and cheese. As long as you've got a thinly sliced piece of steak, the possibilities for different fillings and marinade flavors are endless.

As well as being a dinner that only takes about 30 minutes to prepare, it's also ideal for ensuring your intake of meat-to-vegetables is balanced.