The Meatza Pizza Substitutes Gluten-Filled Crusts With Ground Beef

 - May 27, 2014
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Let me introduce the Meatza pizza. What is it you might ask? A pizza that uses a 100% meat to create a delicious protein-infused pizza crust.

Maybe you need a little extra protein in your diet or you're gluten-intolerant. That's where the Meatza pizza comes in. This ground beef crust is actually incredibly healthy and better for you than a sugar-filled gluten crust. To make the Meatza pizza crust all you need is a few simple ingredients including ground beef, egg, garlic and spices. After the ingredients are mixed together, the meat needs to be rolled as thinly as possible in a circle shape onto a pizza stone. Bake the crust and then add whatever toppings you normally enjoy on your pizza. If you aren't a fan of beef, you can easily substitute the ground beef for turkey or pork.