From Pizza Payment Sharing to Taxi Lunch Services

 - Jun 15, 2015
These food payment innovations range from payment sharing pizza apps to taxi lunch services that deliver one's meal conveniently. Those indecisive with lunch and dinner ideas can streamline and customize their selection with the help of mobile platforms like the McDonald's 'Create Your Taste' program and Pizza Hut's mind-reading menu. In addition to letting users personalize their meal with custom toppings, these platforms also suggest order options based on personal preference.

Those ordering from a large group don't need to stress thanks to innovations like Papa John's PayShare app -- a platform that splits pizza bill orders evenly -- and Topshelf, an alcohol ordering app that makes prepping for an office party easy and efficient.

Other standouts include digitized orders and food payments via one's car and even by emoji, courtesy of Pizza giants Pizza Hut and Dominos. As consumers become more connected, their response to convenient ordering apps is increasing. In addition to saving time, these examples enhance a user's overall experience and offer personalized options for foodies.