McDonald's Create Your Taste Lets Customers Craft Their Own Meals

With its new Create Your Taste program, McDonald's is putting customization at the forefront of ordering off of the menu. The options for customization include the TasteCrafted burgers and chicken sandwiches, which are ordered through self-service kiosks and tablets inside the restaurant. Once an order has been placed, a server will bring the finished meal to a customer's table.

Some of the options for customizing these new McDonald's meals include a choice of bun and toppings like bacon clubhouse, guacamole, peppers and a deluxe assortment. These premium customizable burgers are being introduced across the United States in locations like Portland and Southern California, although there are plans for expansion. McDonald's sees this as a "a more immediate opportunity for a broader base of restaurants to provide customers with the variety and choices they enjoy today."