This Salmon Burger Features a Spicy Thai-Inspired Sauce

It may be easy to prepare a salmon burger and slather your favorite steak sauce on top, but this recipe gets inventive with flavor by looking to Asian cuisine for inspiration.

The Thai Salmon Burger recipe from the Half Baked Harvest blog features a sauce made from sweet chilis, fish sauce, coconut milk, brown sugar, garlic, nut butter, ginger, lime, soy sauce and peanut oil—this burger is bound to be brimming with flavor. For an extra bit of crunch, the recipe calls for chopped up cabbage, carrots and peanuts to make a slaw to contrast the smoothness of the salmon patty. Although it channels the flavors of Thailand, this recipe seems to be fairly mild and suitable for those who stay away from excess spice—however, this could easily be fixed with a dash of Sriracha sauce.