From Time Traveler Bakery Branding to Cinematic Bistro Concepts

 - Jan 22, 2016
Whether as a means of strengthening the experience of a cafe or to attract new clientele, dynamic restaurant branding gives unique dining concepts curb appeal and a bit of Instagram-worthiness.

Sushi & Co is a Japanese dining concept located aboard a cruise ship that sails the Baltic Sea. The attractive aesthetic championed by the eatery uses the subtle imagery of waves to communicate the freshness of the product and associate it with the ocean that surrounds them.

Another successful concept is that of Seis Chiles in Monterrey, Mexico. A vibrant blue and white design concept, the branding for Seis Chiles marries understated elegance and simplicity with subtle cultural design references to the region in which it is located.

Restaurant branding is an important part of the consumer experience that largely influences whether or not they will return.