'Wich Packaging Has a Tidiness to It, Even in Spite of its Scribbles

 - Jan 8, 2014
References: blow.hk & thedieline
'Wich packaging could certainly be considered crisp and even minimalist, but if you break down its features and describe them, the account might seem counterintuitive. Take a close look at the paper bags and the lid of the clear salad container and you'll be able to discern small doodles that suggest the forms of animals, vegetables and loaves of bread.

Although these illustrations are loose and loopy, they're cleanly executed in white on black backgrounds, apparently drawn up in a single pen stroke each. Besides images, what you'll also find on Ken Lo's 'Wich packaging is the printed name of the cafe. For this, a fine and contemporary typeface was chosen, and accented with an extended line of the final letter over the coffee cups and sleeves.