- May 13, 2015
These festive branding examples celebrate the spirit of Christmas and range from opulent nutcracker boxes to advent calendars that embody a minimalist design aesthetic. In an effort to stun and impress consumers, retailers are consistently looking for ways to elevate their holiday branding strategy each year.

While traditional holiday branding references Christmas and its many mascots, a more artistic or artisanal approach is key when winning over the millennial demographic. Standouts include CLINIC 212's custom candy boxes that were given to the marketing agency's clientele last Christmas. Inspired by traditional advent calendars, these boxes feature an understated and monochromatic look and are accented with contemporary typography. Following a simialr an simplistic approach, Believe In's Three Kings chocolate bars boast tri-colored wrappers that reference the bible's Christmas story.

Other festive branding favorites include examples that rely on luxury, novelty and humor. From "naughty or nice" packaging to high fashion holiday greetings, these examples appeal to niche consumers with an appreciation for graphic design.

From Christmas Candy Boxes to Fashionable Santa Greetings: