Panera Bread Holiday Branding Celebrates the Symbols of Yuletide

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: willoughbydesign & thedieline
In the Northern Hemisphere, December is already a month during which people begin to get especially excited about flavored lattes and coffees. Panera Bread holiday branding conjures even more feelings of Christmas cheer with a charming image that's seasonally specific.

Willoughby Design began with an evergreen colored base to the paper coffee cups, soup bowls and shopping bags. Upon this, adorable illustrations of some of the active winter wildlife are represented, including snowy foxes, nut-seeking squirrels and bright red birds.

For a truly playful look, the pictures that cover Panera Bread holiday branding do not adhere to a proportional scale or real space. The animals sit upon gifts like trumpets, treats like candy canes, clothing like mittens and giant tree ornaments.