Ballerina's Christmas Cookie Packaging Tells a Story in Gingerbread

This Christmas cookie packaging designed by Identity Works for Ballerina sets itself apart from the many gingerbread boxes out there by telling a festive story in a unique way. Working with artist Ann Villalba, a series of hand-baked clay objects were created to be photographed and printed on the packaging, introducing a gingerbread man who lives in a charming house and town, also made out of gingerbread.

The entirety of the tall, slim cartons became turned into gingerbread houses, with the door of the house featured on the front. The sloped top of the carton lends itself perfectly as the snow-covered roof of the gingerbread house. From inside, the peeking eyes of the gingerbread man can be seen, which sets the tone for the treat on the inside as something playful.