These Holiday Cookies Interpret Being Naughty and Nice

This year for Christmas, the Coats Design creative agency created these festive holiday cookies inspired by Santa's list. Rather than baking just one batch of cookies, this design includes one that was inspired by being naughty and another by being nice. Branded as 'Heavenly Devilishous,' treats, the cookies adopt different personalities to match each kind of behavior. The naughty cookies, named 'The Naughty Ones' are naturally dark, made with premium dark cocoa and milk chocolate chunks. In contrast, the Soft Cinnamon Sprinkled Cookie, better known as 'Mr. Nice Guy,' is light in appearance and speckled with gold.

In terms of packaging, each of the handmade boxes was individually sprayed with metallic paint by Coats Design, so that the delicate patterning on each cookie box was unique as the individuals who receive them.